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   Mlad Konstruktor exists from 1969, when the publishing of the magazine of the same name (Mlad Konstruktor) had begun - it was a monthly issue about hobby - technics and practical electronics. The copies in the magazine are in whole authors. Ready for use PCB is offered to each scheme.
   In 2002 we have published the first in Bulgaria "Practical manual for work with PROTEL", and in 2003 and 2004 for the first time we have introduced Bulgarian readers to the microcontrollers of Microchip in two consecutive books -"PIC - Microcontrollers" - part I and Part II.
   Mlad Konstruktor has been organizing education courses of designing PCB with the programs Protel and Orcad and courses of designing electronic appliances on the basis of PIC-microcontrollers and FPGA since 2001.
   Our company has its own department of prepress and graphic design. We have a good team of engineers and designers, as also possibilities for design of electronic projects and production of printed circuit boards.
   Mlad Konstruktor is producer of electronic kits and modules. We sell most of the projects, published in our magazine in the form of electronic kits and ready modules.
   The company has its own Internet site since 2000 ( An English version of it is being developed to the current moment. The online shop of Mlad Konstruktor is one of the first in Bulgaria, which introduced possibilities of online payments.

   Mlad Konstruktor
   Bulgaria, Varna,
   #23, Hristo Samsarov St.

   Office hours:
   Monday-Friday: 14-19h (GMT+02.00).

   Our Team:
   Dipl. eng. Ivo Grudev
   Dipl. eng. Nikolai Kenarov
                 Momchil Kateliev
   Dipl. eng. Danail Chanev
   Dipl. eng. Liubomir Kosev
   Dipl. eng. Albena Markova
   Dipl. eng. Bratan Bratanov
   Dipl. eng. Plamen Zdravkov
   Dipl. eng. Violeta Dimitrova
   Dipl. eng. Julian Tuzsuzov
   Dipl. eng. Dimitar Tanchev
   Associate professor Atanas Shishkov
   Dipl. eng. Liubomir Popov
                 Atila Aptulov
   Dipl. eng. Ivailo Rashkov
                 Mitko Atanasov
   Dipl. eng. Svetla Taneva

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PIC microcontrollers Part 1 & 2
PIC microcontrollers Part 1 & 2
PIC-microcontrolers, Part 2
PIC-microcontrolers, Part 2
PIC-microcontrolers, Part 1
PIC-microcontrolers, Part 1
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UNI_module to Development Board PICTest1.0
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